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This page provides basic descriptions of some of the regular locations you'll come upon in Far Cry 2.
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Bus StopsBack to top
Bus Stop (Click to view large version)
Bus Stop
Regional bus stops serve as fast-travel nodes, letting you avoid dangerous overland travel. By interacting with the map at a Bus Stop, you can select a destination.

Approach one of the maps at the Bus Stop and hold down the Use key. You'll be prompted if you wish to travel to the destination indicated by the map. The small green marker on the map is your current position, and the red is the destination. Riding the bus is free, and the only drawback is that the game will have to load the area before you arrive at your destination. Riding the bus also takes longer time (in the game) than it does to drive there yourself - a bus ride can easily take a couple of hours.

There are five Bus Stops in Leboa-Sako. You'll find one at the south-western edge of Pala, and one in each of the following regions: south-west, south-east, north-west and north-east.

In Bowa Seko you can find Bus Stops in the central region, at the pier just south of Mosate Selao, and one in the north-western region, north-eastern region, south-western region and the south-eastern region.

Cellular AntennasBack to top
Cellular Antenna (Click to view large version)
Cellular Antenna
The Cellular Antennas offer optional Assassination Missions that require you to eliminate various "targets of opportunity". To pick up a mission, simply approach an antenna and press the Use key while close to the glowing panel. The number of assassination missions available are limited, and once you've completed a number of them you'll notice that the small orange icon disappears from the antenna icon on your map. As with the Convoy Missions, there is no difference in where (or from which antenna) you pick up a mission - all antennas will give out the same mission at any given time. Once you have completed a mission you'll "move on" to the next one. The reward for an assassination mission is diamonds.
Checkpoints and Perimeter Guard PostsBack to top
Checkpoint (Click to view large version)
Even outside of the major faction strongholds, the militias have a presence. They patrol the roads in their technical trucks and establish roadblocks and garrisons in abandoned villages along the major routes. These reinforced positions can be dangerous, but raiding them routinely yields valuable resources, from ammunition to first aid to vehicles.

There are three things you'll always find at checkpoints: enemies, supplies and vehicles. The number of enemies (and their equipment) often vary; enemies in Leboa-Sako tend to have only basic weapons such as assault rifles, pistols and grenades. In Bowa Seko you'll start to encounter more heavily armed enemies carrying more powerful sniper rifles and rocket launchers; these are still somewhat rare though. Each checkpoint has either a ammunition pile, fuel pile, explosives pile or a health cabinet. By tagging these with your monocular (or simply by approaching the pile or cabinet) you can scout a checkpoint; this will basically replace the "locked" icon on your map with an icon indicating which type of checkpoint it is, ie. what kind of pile (or health cabinet) you'll find there. You can also find other types of supplies at checkpoints, but only in limited amounts. Checkpoints also have vehicles available - the most common being assault trucks (and swamp boats if the checkpoint is close to the water).

Churches & ClinicsBack to top
Both districts in the country have sanctuaries harbouring the leaders of the Underground. By visiting the Church (in the north) or the Clinic (in the south) when you need medicine, you can receive directions to the nearest group of civilians in distress.
Expat BarsBack to top
Bar (Click to view large version)
Both districts in the country have drinking-holes frequented by expatriates like yourself. This is where independent contractors unaffiliated with either faction can rest and swap war stories. As you meet new buddies, they will begin to appear at the local bar on a regular basis. Buddies there will invite you to take on side-quests. You can also occasionally find Reuben there following up on story leads.

You can find a bar at Mike's Bar south of Pala in the central region of Leboa-Sako. There is also a bar at the Marina in the south-eastern region of Bowa Seko.

Faction HeadquartersBack to top
APR headquarters in Leboa-Sako (Click to view large version)
APR headquarters in Leboa-Sako
Because of the cease-fire that exists in the major towns, both the UFLL and APR have HQs in those locations. These are the places where you meet with faction leaders and they propose missions for you to take. Because of the tight security around the warlords and their lieutenants, you'll be required to submit to a weapons search at the door before entering.

The faction headquarters is where you can pick up primary missions. Although you may be working for different factions that oppose eachother, working with either one will not have a negative impact on your relationship with the other. Faction missions are the primary missions in the game, and accomplishing some of them will move the story forward.

SafehousesBack to top
A typical safehouse (Click to view large version)
A typical safehouse
These are private dwellings that have been seized by the militias to use as quarters. Their defensibility makes them useful to you and your buddies. You can secure new Safe Houses by eliminating the faction soldiers occupying them. Once unlocked, Safe Houses offer a place to fast-forward time and save the game. As a reward for your help, buddies will upgrade the Safe Houses with ordinance and medical supplies.

If you subvert primary missions your reward for the mission will usually include a safehouse upgrade. These apply to all your safehouses. Upgrades include getting ammo, fuel and explosives piles, health cabinet, and one or two assault trucks parked outside. At the Weapons Shop you can also buy storage crates that allow you to hide weapons at the safehouses; these weapons can later be retrieved from any safehouse.

When you pick up a primary mission one of your buddies will phone you with an offer to subvert the mission; you can then meet your buddy at a safehouse (that he specifies), where you can get the details for his plan.

TownsBack to top
Town (Click to view large version)
Because of the cease-fire that exists in the major towns, both the UFLL and APR have HQs in those locations. These are the places where you meet with faction leaders and they propose missions for you to take. Because of the tight security around the warlords and their lieutenants, you'll be required to submit to a weapons search at the door before entering.

You can also find a church or a clinic in the major towns; these are places where you can engage in Underground Missions that will reward you with medicine for keeping your malaraia at bay.

Underground ShopsBack to top
Some shopkeepers in the country have a powerful incentive to stay open: They are the cell leaders of a network devoted to saving as many of the displaced citizenry as possible. While they haven't got the means to employ mercenaries directly, the civilians in hiding can offer you something just as valuable as diamonds in return for your assistance: malaria pills.
Weapons ShopsBack to top
Weapons Shop (Click to view large version)
Weapons Shop
A consummate entrepeneur, the local weapons reseller has been very resourceful about annexing abandoned storefronts and warehouses to his growing chain of weapons shops. For a modest fee (in diamonds), you can use the weapons shop's PC to order a regular resupply of any available weaponry.

Inside the Weapons Shop you'll find a PC that can be used to purchase weapons, upgrades and various equipment. You can also find a health cabinet here. Weapons that you buy from the shop can be found in the storage building next to the shop. Once you've bought a weapon it'll come in endless supply - so if you wear out a weapon, you can simply go inside this building a pick up a new one. You'll also be able to find ammunition, fuel and explosives here. You can pick up Convoy Missions at the Weapons Shop that enables you to unlock new weapons.

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