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The town of Pala is quite literally the center of Leboa-Sako. A place you'll visit often for a number of reasons. The town is under a cease-fire which means that you're not allowed to use weapons - however, it doesn't mean that you cannot. Some of the Assassination Missions will require you to use weapons here. Both the UFLL and the APR has their headquarters here, and you can also find a Bus Stop in the south-western part. Two diamond briefcases are also located here.
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Ammunition Pile iconAmmunition Pile
Fuel Pile iconFuel Pile
Explosives Pile iconExplosives Pile
Health Cabinet iconHealth Cabinet
Vehicle iconVehicle
Mounted Weapon iconMounted Weapon
Sniper Position iconSniper Position
APR Headquarters iconAPR Headquarters
UFLL Headquarters iconUFLL Headquarters
Bar iconBar
Bus Stop iconBus Stop
Safehouse iconSafehouse
Underground HQ iconUnderground HQ
Weapons Shop iconWeapons Shop
Checkpoint iconCheckpoint

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