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This page provides descriptions and images of all the available vehicles in Far Cry 2; for some of the more rare vehicles you can also find a description of where to find them.
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The vehicle upgrades all increase durability and reduce repair time by 50 percent.
Assault Truck (Light MG)Back to top
Upgrade: 15Diamonds
Assault Truck (Light MG) (Click to view large version)
Assault Truck (Light MG)
The assault truck is basically a jeep with a Light Machinegun mounted on it. It is capable of decent speeds and the machinegun serves as a nice weapon which, unless you use aim, is quite inaccurate. One of my own, personal favorite tactics when being chased in this vehicle is simply to change position to the machinegun (without stopping the vehicle) and then firing upon your pursuers as you move along.
The assault truck is an extremely common vehicle that you can find at basically every checkpoint. You'll also encounter many milita driving these trucks, usually with both a driver and a gunner in them. If you subvert the first mission for the UFLL you'll get an upgrade to your safehouses which means that there'll be an Assault Truck parked outside each of them.
Since the Assault Truck is one of the most common and useful vehicles in the game, it's not hard to recommend buying this upgrade at the earliest convenience.
Assault Truck (Heavy MG)Back to top
Upgrade: 15Diamonds
Assault Truck (Heavy MG) (Click to view large version)
Assault Truck (Heavy MG)
This is basically the same vehicle as the Assault Truck except that it comes equipped with a heavy machinegun. This machinegun seems to be alot more accurate even without aiming, and it does alot more damage than the lighter model found on the regular type of trucks. You'll need to subvert and complete the third mission for the APR before this vehicle becomes available.
This vehicle will be parked outside most, if not all, of your safehouses once you complete the mission mentioned above. Once you reach Bowa Seko you may come across militia driving this version of the Assault Truck.
Assault Truck (Grenade Launcher)Back to top
Upgrade: 15Diamonds
Assault Truck (Grenade Launcher) (Click to view large version)
Assault Truck (Grenade Launcher)
Again, basically the same vehicle as the Assault Truck except that it comes with a mounted grenade launcher. This vehicle will be available at your safehouses once you subvert and complete the eigth mission for the UFLL.
This vehicle will be parked outside most, if not all, of your safehouses once you complete the mission mentioned above. Once you reach Bowa Seko you may come across militia driving this vehicle, although it's less common than the two previous versions of the Assault Truck.
Big TruckBack to top
Upgrade: 10Diamonds
Big Truck (Click to view large version)
Big Truck
While the big truck is a pretty rare sight in the game, it doesn't really matter unless you're a nut for vehicles. As the name indicates, the vehicle is pretty large and cumbersome, and it can't really drive that fast; it can soak up a decent amounts of damage, but the slow speeds and large size makes it an easy target for enemy fire. This is probably one of the few vehicles I only use if there is absolutely no other means of transportation nearby.
I can only recall seeing this truck in a couple of places - namely at a garage just east of the Underground HQ in the north-eastern region of Leboa-Sako, as well as on the eastern side of PetroSahel.
Since the Big Truck is rare and less useful overall, I don't really see the point in bying the upgrade for it - unless you wish to own every piece of equipment available in the game, or if you're just a die-hard trucker Tongue!.
BuggyBack to top
Upgrade: 15Diamonds
Buggy (Click to view large version)
The Buggy is a pretty fast vehicle albeit somewhat fragile. The low frame makes it less suitable for off-roading.
The Buggy is fairly common, but unlike other vehicles it's often found away from the roads in more isolated areas.
This upgrade is available when you reach Bowa Seko.
CarBack to top
Upgrade: 10Diamonds
Car (Click to view large version)
The car is another very common vehicle that you'll encounter in most areas and you'll also find many militia driving these. While it's faster than the Assault Truck it seems more prone to damage, and the lack of a machinegun obviously doesn't make it a primary choice either. Still, though, if this is the only vehicle around it sure does beat walking.
As stated, you can find cars scattered all over the different areas - for a rule of thumb, they seem to always be around Bus Stops, Towns and some checkpoints. Occationally you'll also encounter enemies driving around in cars.
Once you've got more diamonds than you really need, the upgrade for this vehicle is definately something to consider since the Car is quite common.
Fishing BoatBack to top
Upgrade: 10Diamonds
Fishing Boat (Click to view large version)
Fishing Boat
Along with the Hang glider, the Fishing Boat is one of the more rare modes of transportation in the game. Although the boat does have a Light Machinegun stationed in front, the slow speed and sheer size of it makes it less optimal to use; the size alone means that you get easily stuck on the ground traveling the more narrow rivers. Still, I guess, it's sorta fun to at least try out.
So far I've only encountered a single fishing boat in Leboa-Sako, located at a pier at Shwasana in the northern region. In Bowa Seko you'll come upon more Fishing Boats and you'll even encounter militia patrolling the central lake in them.
Since the Fishing Boat is not only rare, but also somewhat slow, the upgrade for this vehicle is definately not on the top of my personal shopping list.
Hang GliderBack to top
Upgrade: N/A
Hang Glider (Click to view large version)
Hang Glider
The hang glider is a rare sight in Leboa-Sako since you only come upon it once or twice. Since it also has limited range it's not the most versatile vehicle in the game. Still, it can be alot of fun to use, and it's even required if you wish to reach certain areas - for example, if you wish to reach the shack containing a diamond briefcase on the northern side of the central region of Leboa-Sako you're going to need the Hang Glider. The Hang Glider is extremely fragile and it'll quickly spin out of control if it takes any kind of damage.
So far I've only seen this in one or two places in Leboa-Sako; to the north in the central region of Leboa-Sako comes to mind. It's more common in Bowa Seko where you'll find it in numerous places; the northern region alone has at least three in it.
Jeep LibertyBack to top
Upgrade: 10Diamonds
Jeep Liberty (Click to view large version)
Jeep Liberty
The Liberty initially is quite rare, but it's a decent vehicle. Although it doesn't come with a weapon, it is capable of decent speeds and it seems to be able to soak up alot of damage.
If you subvert the second mission for the UFLL, you can find a Liberty at the safehouse once you've killed the king.
The upgrade is available when ... While you're in Leboa-Sako there is really no point in bying this upgrade, as the Jeep Liberty is pretty much non existant there. However, once you reach Bowa Seko it might be worth the diamonds as the vehicle is alot more common in that district.
Jeep WranglerBack to top
Upgrade: 10Diamonds
Jeep Wrangler (Click to view large version)
Jeep Wrangler
The Wrangler is a less common vehicle although you will encounter it in a few areas and you may also come upon militia driving one. It is faster than the standard Assault Truck and I believe it's also a bit more study, however it doesn't come with any kind of weapon.
This vehicle is pretty rare while you're in Leboa-Sako; I recall only seeing one parked outside the Weapons Shop in the south-western region and outside a safehouse in the north-eastern region. It's more frequent in Bowa Seko.
Swamp BoatBack to top
Upgrade: 15Diamonds
Swamp Boat (Click to view large version)
Swamp Boat
If you wish to travel by water this is your bread and butter. It's a very common boat that can be found near most checkpoints and areas located by the water. It's fairly sturdy and capable of decent speeds, and the most common version comes with a light machinegun mounted in the front. When it comes to boats there aren't really alot of better choices available... it does come in different colors, though. Along the rivers you'll often encounter militia patrolling in this kind of boat.
Too many to list. As stated above, if you're near a checkpoint or similar significant area close to the water, there's a good chance you'll find a Swamp Boat nearby. In Bowa Seko you'll also come across Swamp Boats equipped with a heavy machinegun or grenade launcher, although the latter is less common.
As you're likely to travel the rivers and streams quite a bit during the game, this upgrade can definately be worth it once you've got the diamonds to spare. I'm not entirely sure when this upgrade is available, but it appears to be when you get access to Bowa Seko.

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