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This page provides information about the most important characters in Far Cry 2.
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APR Alliance for Popular Resistance (APR)Back to top
Major Oliver TambossaBack to top
Major Oliver Tambossa (Click to view large version)
Major Oliver Tambossa
Former Army chief Tambossa collected the military's surviving pieces and imposed discipline through a vanguard of deputized thugs. Under his leadership, the APR became a credible player and attracted laid-off foreign contractors. He occupies the offices of The Standard newspaper.

Once you reach Bowa Seko you can pick up primary missions from Tambossa who's located at the APR headquarters in Mosate Selao, in the central region.

Prosper KouassiBack to top
Prosper Kouassi (Click to view large version)
Prosper Kouassi
Even before the country fell into anarchy, Tambossa identified the ambitious young gang-leader as a potential ally. Despite his cocky attitude, Prosper takes his role in the APR very seriously.

Prosper can be found at the APR headquarters in Pala, in the central region of Leboa-Sako. Here he, along with his lieutenants, will provide you with primary missions.

Nick GreavesBack to top
Nick Greaves (Click to view large version)
Nick Greaves
Nick Greaves appears to be higher in the hierarchy than the lieutenants in the APR faction, although he will be present during the briefings of a fair amount of your missions in Leboa-Sako.
QuiepoBack to top
Quiepo (Click to view large version)
Quiepo is a lieutenant in the APR faction. If you start the tutorial in the Cock-Fights area, you'll get your first briefing from him. Quiepo is also present at some of the mission briefings in Leboa-Sako.
Walton PurefoyBack to top
Walton Purefoy (Click to view large version)
Walton Purefoy
Another lieutenant within the APR. You'll first meet Purefoy if you start the tutorial in the Lumber area. As with the other lieutenants, Purefoy may be present at some of the mission briefings along with Kouassi.
UFLL United Front for Liberation and Labour (UFLL)Back to top
Addi MbantuweBack to top
Addi Mbantuwe (Click to view large version)
Addi Mbantuwe
The ruthless strong-man behind the outlawed Authenticity Party; Mbantuwe reinvented himself as leader of the UFLL. He assembled disenfranchised soldiers, rebels and mercenary stalwarts of the defunct Bastion UK into a loosely-knit faction he runs from the social club in Port Selao.

Addi Mbantuwe can be found at the UFLL headquarters in Mosate Selao.

Dr. Leon GakumbaBack to top
Dr. Leon Gakumba (Click to view large version)
Dr. Leon Gakumba
Mbantuwe's representative in the district of Leboa-Sako, Dr. Gakumba already had an established career as a political demagogue even before he threw his lot in with the UFLL.

Gakumba can be found inside the UFLL headquarters in Pala.

Hector VorheesBack to top
Hector Vorhees (Click to view large version)
Hector Vorhees
You'll first meet Vorhees somewhat late in the game. He appears to be ranked fairly high in the UFLL.
CarbonellBack to top
Carbonell (Click to view large version)
Carbonell is a lieutenant within the UFLL. You'll first meet him during the tutorial if you start in the Fresh Fish area. You may also encounter him during your mission briefings along with Leon Gakumba.
KangarasBack to top
Kangaras (Click to view large version)
Kangaras is a UFLL lieutenant; you'll meet him during the tutorial given you start in the Slaughter House area. He may also be present at some of the mission briefings for the UFLL.
BuddiesBack to top
You aren't the only free-agent playing the factions. During your time in-country, you'll encounter a number of guns for hire who do work off the books for the UFLL and APR. These men and women are veterans of every ugly little war of the last 20 years. Like you, they can't afford to trust anyone too easily; but they also know that alone, they haven't got a hope.

Starting the game you have two predefined buddies. One of them will help you on missions while the other will come to your rescue in case you're mortally wounded. During the course of the game you may find (and rescue) other buddies. Buddies will not only help you and offer alternate approaches to the primary missions, but they may also provide missions of their own, so-called Buddy Missions. As you complete buddy missions your reputation will grow and your history with the respective buddy will increase; the higher history the more likely the buddy is to assist you.

Hakim EchebbiBuddy missionsBack to top
Hakim Echebbi (Click to view large version)
Hakim Echebbi
Guys a neat freak. Looks like he's had lots of military training. Heard he's a millionaire.
Buddy missions
Hakim is not the talkative type and he only provides little information about the background for his missions. In the first one, you're tasked with a personal vendetta against a guard at M-S Pipeline who apparently mugged Hakim. The next mission takes you to the APR headquarters in Sefapane where you need to secure a dossier; although this is a cease-fire zone, the entire area will become hostile once you retrieve the documents.
Nasreen DavarBuddy missionsBack to top
Nasreen Davar (Click to view large version)
Nasreen Davar
Has grown up with war. Can see it in her eyes. Most likely seen more combat than many of the men here.
Buddy missions
In the first mission you're sent off to deal with an official from the APR who's snooping around Dogon Village; Nasreen is concerned that he might stumble upon something of hers, and she asks you to take care of him. The next mission also require you to take down a target - this time an arms dealer... not because of ideals but rather because Nasreen thinks that those who fight in the civil was has the rights to any profits.
Frank BildersBuddy missionsBack to top
Frank Bilders (Click to view large version)
Frank Bilders
Stone killer. Tough SOB. Land in a pub fight, make sure Bilders is on your side.

Buddy missions
Like the other buddies, Frank has two buddy missions available. Both of them will send you on a personal vendetta of his. In the first mission you're going to help him shut down a makeshift radio station soiling his... err, "good" name. The second mission has you destroy some supplies that belongs to a former business partner of his; the partner decided to go solo and sell some of their mutual supplies for his own profit. Franks is not too happy about it and wants you to send him a message by destroying his remaining supplies.

Xianyong BaiBuddy missionsBack to top
Xianyong Bai (Click to view large version)
Xianyong Bai
Dressed like he had to flee something fast. This guy's made his share of enemies. Can see that on his face.
Buddy missions
Xianyongs first mission is a bit counter-intuitive since he tasks you with destroying a suitcase full of passports. Why you can't just retrieve the case and exchange the passports for, say, malaria medicine is beyond me. In the following mission you're sent to Sepoko to retrieve some artifacts that Xianyong hid there to prevent Vorhees from getting his hands on them.
Andre HyppoliteBuddy missionsBack to top
Andre Hyppolite (Click to view large version)
Andre Hyppolite
Has lots of experience in guerilla warfare. Amazing he's made it to 40. Travels light. Must be used to grabbing what he needs on the fly.
Buddy missions
Andre is concerned that he is being tricked in some business deal, so in his first mission you're sent to retrieve some accounting files at the M-S Pipeline Company. The following mission is alot more interesting, especially since you're tasked with retrieving some sort of trophy from Weelegol Village. The trophy is supposedly proof that someone killed Tambossas brother - you don't get to see the trophy yourself, only the bloodstained cardboard box containing it. Yum!
Warren ClydeBuddy missionsBack to top
Warren Clyde (Click to view large version)
Warren Clyde
Cocky as hell. Don't think he's seen much action. But he's hungry for it.
Buddy missions
In the first mission you're sent off to Shwasana which supposedly acts as a refueling station that Warren frequents; however, he's learned that the money made from selling the gas is actually given to the factions, and since Warren is not too happy about that, you're tasked with destroying the fuel depot there. In the second mission Warren wants you to steal some Khat from the greenhouses at OGC.
Flora GuillenBuddy missionsBack to top
Flora Guillen (Click to view large version)
Flora Guillen
An excellent marksman, she knows her Warsaw Pact armaments very well.
Buddy missions
While Cattle Xing used to be a private property it's recently been taken over by the factions. The former resident hid some ammunition there and Flora is afraid that the factions will get their hands on it - so you're tasked with destroying the ammunition pile inside one of the buildings there. In the second mission your objective is to destroy a convoy carrying furniture for Mbantuwe.
Paul FerencBuddy missionsBack to top
Paul Ferenc (Click to view large version)
Paul Ferenc
Hard to believe this guy's a merc. Dresses like a college drop-out backpacking Europe.

Buddy missions
In the first buddy mission Paul wants you to recover some documents that was left at the old Fort in the northern region. He used to help some people run a supply chain out of the Fort, but sadly his comrades were eliminated by faction troops; to finish the business, Paul need you to recover the documents that were left behind. In the second second mission Paul wants you to recover at new and efficient defoliant known only as "Agent Yellow"; the mission takes you to Claes Products in the southern region.

Michele DachssBuddy missionsBack to top
Michele Dachss (Click to view large version)
Michele Dachss
Seems older than her age. No doubt has lived a hard life.

Buddy missions
Michele has two buddy missions available. In the first one you're required to locate and bring back a box holding evidence against the factions. In the second mission you're tasked with eliminating two drug-dealers; a new drug, called Hazelnuts, is being sold to children and Michele is not particularly happy about that.

Quarbani SinghBuddy missionsBack to top
Quarbani Singh (Click to view large version)
Quarbani Singh
Hired for VIP protection in the city somewhere. Suspect things didn't go down well for him during the civil war here.

Buddy missions
Quarbani Singh has two buddy missions for you. In the first mission Quarbani asks you to steal some prototype ammunition from the local police station. The second mission requires you to find a lockbox that he's lost.

Josip IdromenoBuddy missionsBack to top
Josip Idromeno (Click to view large version)
Josip Idromeno
A heavy drinker and smoker, it's taken a toll on his 48 year old frame. But still a bear of a man who can break you in two.

Buddy missions
Josip has two buddy missions available. In the first one, Josip surprisingly demonstrates that he does have a conscience. One of the factions recently received a large propane shipment that they're going to use to stage an attack across the border. Sadly, there are many children located there, so to prevent the attack Josip wants you to destroy the propane. In the second mission you're sent on a personal vendetta; Josip bought a car a long time ago but it turned out to be - as he puts it - "a piece of shit". The salesman is in the neighbourhood - running away from another angry customer - and Josip wants you to take him out.

Marty AlencarBuddy missionsBack to top
Marty Alencar (Click to view large version)
Marty Alencar
Loves the action. Not exactly an intellectual, but he can hold his own.

Buddy missions
Marty can provide you with two buddy missions. In the first mission you're asked to destroy an ammunitions cache that Marty delivered to a local commander; the commander wouldn't pay and now Marty doesn't think the commander deserves the ammo. In the second mission you tasked with destroying some medical supplies; Marty has a bad rash and he bought some medicine from a local doctor. However, the medicine proved useless and now Marty wants the entire medicine shipment destroyed.

OtherBack to top
This section covers persons that are not buddies nor directly affiliated with the UFLL or APR.
Reuben OluwagembiBack to top
Reuben Oluwagembi (Click to view large version)
Reuben Oluwagembi
A journalist, once exiled from his native Nigeria, now working as a war correspondent for a major British news agency. Based at their Johannesburg bureau, Oluwagembi has been on the ground for every major conflict on the African continent of the last five years. It was while covering the civil war that he first heard rumors of "The Jackal's" involvement.

You'll first meet Reuben at Mike's Bar; he's had the rare opportunity of interviewing the Jackal; sadly, all his tapes - so-called Jackal Tapes - have been lost or confiscated. He asks you to find them for him. These tapes are scattered all over the land - refer to the Interactive Maps section for more information. All Reuben can give you in return for the tapes is his friendship - but perhaps that'll eventually prove to be more than enough.

"The Jackal"Back to top
"The Jackal" (Click to view large version)
"The Jackal"
His real name is unknown. Your target is a U.S. born arms trafficker with an extensive list of outstanding international warrants on charges ranging from piracy to violation of UN arms embargo. "The Jackal" has eluded authorities for years, becoming a near-mythical figure to any buyers of used military hardware.

You'll meet the Jackal during the introduction of the game; as you lie sick with malaria, he rummages through your luggage only to find a description of your mission. Confident that nobody is able to kill him, "The Jackal" leaves you with a pistol, a machete, and a burning fever. As you locate Jackal Tapes you will get a chance to get to know the Jackal better, and it's quickly obvious that this guy isn't just a simple-minded arms dealer.

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