North-eastern region - Crash SiteModified: 24/8/2010 19:37:14
Unlike many of the other areas in Bowa Seko, Crash Site is not occupied by enemy troops. At the center, amongst some hills and rocks, you'll find the remains of a crashed helicopter.
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Crash Site
Ammunition Pile iconAmmunition Pile
Fuel Pile iconFuel Pile
Explosives Pile iconExplosives Pile
Health Cabinet iconHealth Cabinet
Vehicle iconVehicle
Mounted Weapon iconMounted Weapon
Sniper Position iconSniper Position
APR Headquarters iconAPR Headquarters
UFLL Headquarters iconUFLL Headquarters
Bar iconBar
Bus Stop iconBus Stop
Safehouse iconSafehouse
Underground HQ iconUnderground HQ
Weapons Shop iconWeapons Shop
Checkpoint iconCheckpoint

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